Flange Block Bearings

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Pillow block bearings, flange bearing units, bearing blocks, and take-up bearings units all consist of a housing with a bearing mounted in it. They are available in a variety of materials, mounting configurations, and various bearing features. Each mounted unit, including a mounted bearing, acts as a system to position the bearing securely for reliable operation.Flanged ball bearing units SKF flanged ball bearing units consist of an insert bearing mounted in a housing, which can be bolted to a machine wall or frame. The SKF assortment includes units compliant with ISO standards, North American standards, or Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)





Flange mounted bearings are used when the shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. They incorprate a sealed bearing that is preassembled into a flanged housing. The housing contains a precision ground surface perpendicular to the bearing axis and two, three or four mounting holes, depending on the style.




DODGE F2B-GTEZ-103-SHCR Flange Block Bearings

34.8 mm 42.9 mm
FL205- M6x1

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-100-SHCR Flange Block Bearings

-20 °C 56.3 mm
EX209-28G2L4 100 °C

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-25M-SHCR Flange Block Bearings

28 mm FC210-
2.92 kg 25.8 mm

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-20M-SHCR Flange Block Bearings

69 mm 34 mm
2.78 102.5 mm

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-012-SHCR Flange Block Bearings

51.5 mm FC218-
M10x1 96 kN

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-108-PCR Flange Block Bearings

1.58 kg -20 °C
US207G2T20 FE207N-

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-50M-PCR Flange Block Bearings

M20 290 mm
170 mm 1,520 Nm

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-111-PCR Flange Block Bearings

274 mm 100 °C
21.45 mm 17 mm

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-115-PCR Flange Block Bearings

35 mm 120 °C
P0 12.12 Hz

DODGE F4B-SCEZ-108-P MOD Flange Block Bearings

16.8 Nm 17 mm
5.16 kg 15 mm

DODGE F2B-GTEZ-104-PCR Flange Block Bearings

Powder Coat Non-Expansion
Nylon None