Sleeve Bearings

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A sleeve bearing is a type of plain bearing that can handle high loads and velocities. Sleeve bearings help make engines run smoothly and quietly. These durable and long lasting bearings can also perform well in other high-load, high-velocity applications, such as machines and turbines.American Sleeve Bearing (ASB) is one of the country's largest manufacturers of bronze bushings and bearings. We specialize in quality bronze parts with exceptional customer service. We carry one of the country's largest inventories of standard size cast and powdered metal bearings.Sleeve bearing motors are a critical asset in any industrial operation. Unfortunately, they suffer from unique environmental and operational challenges that make them difficult to seal. Ineffective internal labyrinth seals allow oil to be drawn into the motor windings, coating them, degrading the insulation and causing them to overheat.





Sleeve Bearings & Bar Stock - Sintered Bronze, Split-Type, Plastic QBC has a great selection of sintered bronze sleeve bearings. Choose from small series, standard series, ultraprecision, plastic or lined types. Check out our new split-type sleeve bearings which have a composite liner that consists of a carbon steel backing.






ISOSTATIC B-68-10 Sleeve Bearings

17.8 kN C3
80 mm 1 mm

ISOSTATIC B-68-8 Sleeve Bearings

12.4 28 mm
38.5 mm 0.28 kg

ISOSTATIC B-68-7 Sleeve Bearings

47.8 mm 23.81 mm
SCC205 -20 °C

ISOSTATIC B-68-6 Sleeve Bearings

60 mm SNR
162 mm 385.5 mm

ISOSTATIC B-610-7 Sleeve Bearings

35.1 kN 50 mm
2.2 kg 22 Nm

ISOSTATIC B-610-6 Sleeve Bearings

Yes Unirex N2
208 Series Cast Iron

ISOSTATIC B-610-5 Sleeve Bearings

48.4 mm 27.7 mm
-20 °C 16.8 Nm

ISOSTATIC B-69-8 Sleeve Bearings

0.73 kg 13.5 mm
72 mm 27 mm

ISOSTATIC B-610-4 Sleeve Bearings

34.1 mm 8 Nm
25 mm M6x1

ISOSTATIC B-610-3 Sleeve Bearings

16mm 10 mm
35.1 kN 138 mm

ISOSTATIC B-48-4 Sleeve Bearings

3.7 Nm PA205-
37.4 mm 7.88 kN

ISOSTATIC B-48-6 Sleeve Bearings

111 mm 69.9 mm
22 mm 8.3 Nm